VCE, Funded by EMC and Cisco, Confirms Staff Cuts

VCE, Funded by EMC and Cisco, Confirms Staff Cuts

After more than a week of speculation, VCE has finally confirmed some staff cuts. VCE (short for Virtual Computing Environment company) is funded mainly by Cisco Systems and EMC, with help from Intel and VMware. VCE has yet to comment about the status of Chairman and CEO Michael Capellas; he remains listed as chairman on the company's website but his biography does not mention the CEO role.

In two separate conversations, a VCE spokeswoman last week and this week said she'd check VCE staffing questions and, more recently, Capellas' role as CEO. But so far, VCE has not offered The VAR Guy any official comment. But company executives finally confirmed some staff cuts to SearchITChannel. (Ahem, did VCE lose The VAR Guy's cell phone number and email address?) And now, The Register is repeating what The VAR Guy has already stated about the Capellas bio.

UPDATED, Aug. 24, 1:11 p.m. eastern: Capellas is no longer CEO. However, Capellas remains chairman, and his  overall role at the company has not changed, according to Bob Wambach, senior director of marketing for VCE.

Still, The VAR Guy believes in VCE's business model and mission. To speed data center projects, many channel partners welcome the idea of working with a single Vblock supplier (VCE) rather than coordinating engagements across multiple separate companies (VMware, Cisco, EMC). In short, VCE has the right mission... but sometimes the company's silence is deafening.

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