Six Channel Blog Entries The VAR Guy Didn't Write: April 2

Six Channel Blog Entries The VAR Guy Didn't Write: April 2

The VAR Guy got caught in a time warp this week, hanging out near WKRP in Cincinnati. But here's the twist: Whether it's old media or new media, all media requires plenty of personality to thrive. And it helps to have a gossip monger like The VAR Guy or Herb Tarlek around for some colorful commentary. With that thought in mind, here are six channel partner blog entries The VAR Guy didn't have time to write for the week ending April 2, 2010.

7. Thinking Like an MSP: CompTIA is now offering a monthly payment plan for VAR and MSP membership services. For $20 a month, you get your foot in the door with one of the world's largest IT organizations.

6. WebEx for iPad: Yes, even Cisco is jumping on the Apple iPad bandwagon, porting WebEx to Apple's new tablet computer.

5. But No Office for iPad: On the flip side, Microsoft says it has no plans to port Office to the iPad.

4. An Indirect Reply: Oracle President Charles Phillips has been taking some heat from the channel press for talking about direct sales. But Oracle's channel and PR teams have been providing some balance, noting that 40% of Oracle's revenues and 80% of business transactions involve channel partners.

3. On the Road Again: Catch up with The VAR Guy (if he exists) in April at NetSuite SuiteCloud, Autotask Community Live, Ingram Micro VTN, Cisco Partner Summit and HP Americas Partner Conference.

2. Thanks for Visiting: The VAR Guy's traffic rose 55% in Q1 2010 vs. Q1 2009. Our resident blogger thanks you for stopping by. Again and again.

1. Check the Headline: The VAR Guy doesn't play by the rules. This is a top six list. Thanks for reading and spending some time with our resident blogger.

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