Memo to Justin Crotty: Will You Take Tim Tebow Back?

Memo to Justin Crotty: Will You Take Tim Tebow Back?

Dear Mr. Crotty: As GM of NetEnrich and one of the world's most outspoken Denver Bronco fans, perhaps you have the power to reverse a recent shipment to New York. The VAR Guy, a New York Jets fan, does not seek to start a public war of words with you. But yesterday's trade was unacceptable.

We could discuss first jobs out of college, collapsing wedding cakes, Miami's best restaurants for alleged crime bosses, dung beetles, and NetEnrich's growing focus on the mid-market. Instead our future conversations will, unfortunately, involve an alleged quarterback named Tim Tebow.

The VAR Guy doesn't love or hate Mr. Tebow. He just doesn't "need" Tim Tebow. Instead, The VAR Guy respectfully requests that the Denver Broncos send the New York Jets some decent run blockers and a pass rush. In return, The VAR Guy promises to cease and desist blog entries like this.

Respectfully Yours,

The VAR Guy

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