EMC Announces Changes to Business Partner Program

EMC Announces Changes to Business Partner Program

EMC announced several changes to its Business Partner Program, including increased margins for silver tier partners in the Americas and EMEA.

EMC quietly announced several changes to its Business Partner Program (BPP) on Friday as the company seeks to help its channel partners profit more from the sale of its solutions.

For those of you fuzzy on the details of EMC’s partner program, here’s the rundown: The company introduced the BPP program in 2014 in place of its Velocity partner program, with the key tenants of helping resellers to make their transactions “simple, predictable and profitable.”  The program took effect as of January 1, 2015, with noteworthy updates such as the addition of partner tiers, compliance thresholds and the introduction of Dollar One rebates for both hardware and software sales.

While partners have largely been receptive to the program, EMC’s Global Channel Chief Gregg Ambulos said the company has been listening to partner feedback and decided to make some minor adjustments for 2016.

Most notable among the changes is an increase in the rebate percentage provided to EMC silver partners in the Americas and EMEA. While EMC did not specify an exact number for these partners, Ambulos said the percentage will be increased by “double digits” to give partners a boost on their sales. However, it is important to note that the rebate increase will not apply to partners in APAC, as their current rate was deemed satisfactory by resellers in the region.

When the business partner program was implemented last year, new partners, or “Authorized Partners” were unable to earn rebate benefits until they met the annual compliance goal set forth by EMC. Ambulos said the company has now introduced a mid-year compliance program that will fast track Authorized Partners to the silver tier so long as they meet the silver tier requirements by the middle of the year. All qualified Authorized Partners will be eligible to receive Silver tier benefits as of July 1, according to Ambulos.

Additional program changes include:

  • Revenue thresholds have been decreased in several regions, including Canada and Latin America to meet changing market conditions.
  • The EMC True loyalty program introduced in pilot mode last year is now available in the Americas and EMEA, with a planned rollout for APAC coming soon.
  • Sales and enablement training via the EMC Ready program will be expanded in 2016, including consultative sales training for both partners and EMC sales teams.
  • The previously separate quoting systems for EMC sales teams and partners are being merged into a single tool, called MyQuotes, to eliminate confusion.
  • EMC is rebranding its co-op market development funds program as an earned market development funds program to align with industry standards.
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