Dell Global Channel Chief Greg Davis: In His Own Words

Ummm, Dell is getting into the content business -- sort of. The computer giant has published its own podcast with global channel chief Greg Davis. The first two minutes are filled with the usual "economic challenge/partner solution" chatter. Davis does offer some thoughts on where partners are succeeding but there's barely a mention of the reseller movement toward managed services.

No surprise, Davis talks about successful partners focusing on data center consolidation, virtualization and core areas of specialization. While customers often don't ask for virtualization, they express problems where virtualization is the solution, Davis notes. He considers virtualization ideal for customers that want to cut their power and cooling costs.

The VAR Guy didn't hear anything "new." But he remains impressed with Dell's ability to leverage Web 2.0 technologies while getting the company's message out to partners.

Also of note: Davis didn't really get into a managed services discussion. Recent acquisitions like Silverback, Everdream and MessageOne are part of Dell's long-term partner strategy. But our resident blogger was a bit surprised neither the podcast moderator nor Davis  tackled the managed services subject in-depth.

Davis does briefly mention the MSP opportunity toward the end of the discussion. But if you sneezed (ahhhh-choooo) you missed it.

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