An Open Letter to Avaya’s Karl Soderlund

An Open Letter to Avaya’s Karl Soderlund

Karl Soderlund is leaving Avaya effective March 7. Is he headed to a well-known wireless vendor?

Hey, Karl Soderlund:

Sorry to hear you’re leaving Avaya. You’re just the latest, it seems, in a line of sales execs who’ve left Avaya for other pastures. Some have resurfaced at other places, others haven’t.

You, I hear, are resurfacing soon after your last day at Avaya March 7 at a vendor whose name is the same as a well-known Caribbean vacation destination. And which is having its partner conference next week in Las Vegas.

I will be at said partner conference and hopefully our paths will cross. The company you’re joining has a lot of potential to do great things in the channel. With you leading the charge, I’m sure the buzz will intensify.

Meanwhile, I wish you the best in your new position. And perhaps you can get your new company to host its partner conference in its namesake location. Just a thought.

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