Talkin Cloud at the Consumer Electronics Show

Talkin Cloud at the Consumer Electronics Show

It's not just about the latest gadgets - this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has an entire all-day track dedicated to discussions about the cloud. Here's a sneak peak of a few presentations.

If you plan on attending this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you’re in luck. On Wednesday, January 8th you’ll be able to attend a day-long track all about cloud computing. If you’re not attending, there’s still some good news. Yours truly will be attending the conference, and I plan to recap some of the more interesting sessions when I get back next week. Here’s a look at some of the cloud computing tracks I’m most looking forward to:

  • Who’s Connecting What to the Cloud?  Presented by Robert Stevenson, Chief Business Officer & VP of Strategy at Gaikai, this track examines how cloud computing should be defined in a given context. He’ll also examine the key economic considerations, as well as prospects for sustainability of the cloud-enabled delivery phenomenon. MSPs and other techies tend to get caught up in the nitty-gritty details of the cloud, so it will be nice to get a broader perspective.
  • Where Are There Problems Connecting to the Cloud?  MSPs, this one would particularly interesting to you, as Sam Rosen (ABI Research) takes a look at the bottlenecks standing in the way of faster and wider adoption of cloud-based services among connected-device end-users. He’ll also be addressing which participants in the distribution chain need to change in order for the cloud to succeed.
  • Consumer Drawbacks: Privacy, Reliability, Security Issues. Another topic near and dear to the MSPs in the cloud-based file sharing arena. Although this track has a consumer angle, there are still a lot of promising topics to be covered, including: What happens when a cloud platform is subjected to an avalanche of traffic such as happens when a celebrity tweets to a large fan base or a President, on national television, calls on viewers to visit a website? How does traffic vary? How is page load time affected? How does the cloud platform scale? What strategies are needed to ensure that the cloud? I’m interested to find out.
  • Consumer Benefits: Ubiquity, Cost, Portability Improvements. Presented by Joshua Danovitz, the VP of Innovation at Tivo, this track examines how cloud-based solutions can be applied to popular entertainment bring advantages to users over older methods of online distribution. We tend to focus on the cloud as it relates strictly to business, so it will be interesting to get a perspective from someone outside that space.

Although most of the focus will be on the latest gadgets (and rightly so), it’s nice to see the cloud get some attention at an event as big as CES. Stay tuned, it promises to be an interesting week.

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