Digital Enterprises: What MSPs Need to Know (or Perhaps Already Know)

Digital Enterprises: What MSPs Need to Know (or Perhaps Already Know)

Many companies are moving towards digital products and services and cloud-based file sharing and storage is often a critical component in that transition. Here are a few things that MSPs specializing in the cloud should know about digital enterprises, or more accurately, probably already know (without knowing it applies).

Are your customers forward thinking when it comes to the cloud? These businesses are great potential clients of managed service providers that specialize in the cloud, including those that offer cloud-based file sharing. A recent article at outlined the relationship these so-called "digital enterprises" and cloud-consuming businesses so here are some key points that MSPs should be aware of in the digital enterprise market.

The author defines digital enterprise as business that is “associated with the design, development and delivery of innovative products and services through online channels, is the result of a long, multi-year journey that includes cloud computing as a vital component.”

The delivery of innovative products requires innovative means to do it. There are few tools out there that are currently as innovative as cloud tech so it naturally lends itself to the digital space. MSPs who have clients that are looking to push the boundaries digitally will likely find a powerful ally in a quality cloud provider, who will allow the client to design, develop and deliver their products and services digitally to the best of their abilities.

“Digital business success depends on ‘the availability and utility of increasingly powerful and flexible cloud-enabled, and cloud-delivered, technology and business services’”

Digital is fast paced, constantly changing and present everywhere. Therefore clients that are working to enter the digital space of business require cloud tech that allows them to keep up with the environment, pivot ideas, products and services, and work universally from anywhere. This likely sounds familiar as the reasons any client would chose to adopt the cloud, however in the digital world it isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity.

“Most organizations are still in the early stages of their digitization efforts, but Saugatuck [Technology] expects digital enterprises to accelerate over the next three to five years.”

The reports by Saugatuck Technology have indicated 60 percent of companies are creating and delivering new digital products and 70 percent are enhancing tradition products digitally. There is a lot of growing room for managed services providers to capitalize on in the digital business space, and cloud specialists will have the upper hand in convincing many of these companies that their services can dramatically enhance their digital efforts.

Have you experienced any clients pushing hard into the digital market and if so how did the cloud come into play for them? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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