Listening is more important than opening your mouth

Listening is more important than opening your mouth.

Attention Sales: It's Time to Lead With Listening, Not Talking

When it comes to pitching BDR solutions, get your sales teams to listen first and pitch later. Here are the details.

Selling backup and disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity solutions to customers requires your sales team to do more listening than speaking.

Think about it: Many salespeople are talkers -- it's in their DNA. When it comes to selling BDR and business continuity, salespeople have the potetial to acquire more customers down the road if they listen for customer pain points in the beginning.

Build on the potential relationship, the partnership. Customers want you to make the right choice for them, not you. Find salespeople who are trustworthy and know how to help customers by solving pain points with your solutions.

Train your salespeople to ask the right questions to help them find customer pain points. Have them figure out customer needs before making a pitch. Listen and learn.

Your brand is what makes you who you are. Are you going to be a brand that listens or are you going to be known as a money-grubbing business? Your sales team represents you. Make sure the people representing you are a direct representation of your brand. If not, get a new team.

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