Hilltop Consultants President Jim Turner says customers are becoming more savvy by the day

Hilltop Consultants President Jim Turner says customers are becoming more savvy by the day.

Selling BDR: 3 Principles for Sales Teams

Selling BDR might become a little difficult when sales teams stray off the course, but following these three principles will help you bring them back on track. Here are the details.

Standing by a set of sales principles might bring you more than just a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) lead -- you might land a sale.

While selling BDR requires a certain set of skills, it also helps to have something to bring your salespeople back to when they start straying from the course.

Jim Turner, president at Hilltop Consultants, a Washington, D.C-based managed services provider (MSP), says customers are "becoming more savvy every day."

"Our salespeople need to know how to answer questions in terms that our clients understand," he says.

Selling BDR is a win-win. Turner says reminding customers that "having a BDR is a win for their business or organization" is one way for salespeople to come out on top. It's a win-win for both the MSP and its customers.

"The client needs the protection, and our team needs a reliable BDR solution in place to meet our demanding service level agreements," he says.

Quantify the value proposition. "Our salespeople show our clients how not having a BDR can impact productivity and their bottom line," Turner says. "Once a client learns the true cost of downtime, it is easy to point out the value of having a BDR in place."

To capture a customer's attention, Turner says his sales team brings past experiences to the table, laying out how his company had resolved issues in the past by having a BDR and business continuity solution in place.

Be an expert. Understand a customer's needs by believing in the product. Show how your product can make things easier for a customer.

"Being an expert on our solution helps to show the client that you believe in the solution," he says. "Our expertise keeps bringing clients back and makes it easy for clients to refer additional business to us."

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