PACE CEO Shael D Risman says customers don39t want to screen tools and solutions

PACE CEO Shael D. Risman says customers don't want to screen tools and solutions.

Do BDR Customers Prefer One Vendor Over Another?

One MSP explains why selling your brand is more important than selling the technology behind a BDR solution.

While finding the right data and backup disaster recovery (BDR) vendor is up to you, finding the right managed services provider (MSP) is up to your customers.

To make your life a little easier, sell customers your brand, not your technology. By doing this, your customers will rely on you to assist them, not a particular solution or product. You're in the people business, not the technology business.

"We focus on the end result -- not the tools we use to get there," PACE Technical Services Inc. CEO Shael D. Risman told MSPmentor in an interview.

Risman said his company's brand gives him the flexibility to switch vendors if he needs to without having the decision alarm customers.

"To the client, 'The PACE Way' is something we stand behind no matter what tools we use," he said. 

With regards to PACE selecting particular BDR products and solutions, customers "actually don't care," Risman said.

"They don't want to be screening all these products and tools," he said. "They are just confident that PACE will support them."

As far as selling his BDR offering to customers, PACE includes a basic file level backup solution with its initial offering.

"During the sales process, we establish whether the prospect will require something more mission critical, at which point we will build in the additional cost," he said.

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