Carbonite: Big Plans for Partners in 2014

The past year has been one chock full of goodness for Carbonite’s (CARB) channel partners, with a new server cloud solution, a new distribution partner in Tech Data and new marketing tools, all designed to help partners grow their business. The love is paying off for Carbonite as well, with the company seeing a more than 50 percent growth in its active channel partners year over year.

As 2014 gets underway, no way is the company slowing down, announcing four new offerings including an appliance sold exclusively through the channel.

“A major focus for us 2014 is to expand our channel initiatives,” said David Hauser, senior director. “Carbonite knows our future is through the channel, and that future is quickly becoming the present in where we are.”

The appliance offers 1TB of on-premise storage an 500GB of storage in the cloud, with no hardware fees, no upfront cost and no annual commitment, Hauser said. “It allows users to back up an unlimited number of servers and provides them with bare-metal imaging. So we’re really excited about that.”

The company is also debuting Carbonite Personal, a cloud backup service aimed at the residential/SOHO market; and Carbonite Pro, aimed at businesses. Both include Carbonite’s new Sync&Share functionality that allows users to share files from different devices, make changes to those files and sync back to all the devices a user works with.

Carbonite also is introducing server plans that allow users to back up their open databases, live applications and virtual machines. “We continue to expand product portfolio and believe our solutions provide our channel partners with a wide spectrum of solutions so they … have the solution that really fits their customers’ individual needs,” Hauser said.

This year Carbonite is quadrupling down on its channel bets, expanding its channel team by four times to help partners grow their business even more.

“We will continue to provide more tools and more training to enable our partners,” Hauser said, “[offering] better ability [for partners] to get technically trained, get market trained; we’ll provide more marketing templates, more collateral and more information to our channel partners.”

The company also plans to continue adding products to its portfolio. “The appliance is a perfect example: we’re going to have more appliances that roll out over time, and more tools to make partners’ lives easier. We want to make sure we’re providing our partners with everything possible they need to be successful and work with the customers they have,” he said.

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