Telx Updates Cloud Computing Services at New Jersey Data Center Photo by Neospire of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Telx Updates Cloud Computing Services at New Jersey Data Center

Telx is updating its public and private cloud services in its New Jersey data center. The company will provide IaaS services to the New York metro area.

New York-based data center and cloud enablement services provider Telx is expanding the public and private cloud services available through its New Jersey data center facilities, which serve the New York metro area.

The new IaaS offerings will be available through Telx's NJR2 and the soon-to-be-compelted NJR3 data centers located on the Telx campus in Clifton, N.J. The new private and public cloud solutions come about as a result of a partnership with DBR360, under which DBR360 will provide its IaaS offerings for customized platforms while leveraging the Telx high density of networks and interconnection services.

DBR360 is a managed service provider that integrates "advanced networking technologies and virtualization infrastructure into private and public cloud solutions." According to Telx, the addition of DBR360 technology to its Clifton campus will provide its customers with the ability to establish physical redundancy and customized cloud solutions within two separate infrastructures that will be managed by one operator.

"Partnering with DBR360 on this endeavor further illustrates Telx's role as a cloud enabler. The breadth of network and cloud service providers within our facilities is a distinguishing advantage," said John Freimuth, Telx's general manager of cloud and enterprise solutions, in a prepared statement. "Some customers have pre-existing relationships with carriers, and the flexibility of our network combined with the customized solutions offered by DBR360, allows us to mirror our customers' network architecture to their specific needs within our facility."

Although this deployment will be affecting the New York metro area, Telx is a nationwide provider that could continue to deploy the DBR360 technology and roll out additional public and private cloud IaaS offerings on a much larger basis. Telx serves 13 U.S. markets with data center facilities in New York/New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas and California.

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