SoftLayer Powers Message Queue with Cloudant NoSQL DBaaS Photo by Michael Mandiberg of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

SoftLayer Powers Message Queue with Cloudant NoSQL DBaaS

Newly launched SoftLayer Message Queue Service was designed to simplify and secure the delivery of messages and notifications. The IaaS service launched using Cloudant NoSQL database-as-a-service.

SoftLayer Technologies has launched a new cloud service designed to aid developers of distributed web and mobile applications to easily and securely deliver messages and notifications between application components. The new SoftLayer Message Queue Service also partly relies on Cloudant's NoSQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS) to store and distribute application messages and notifications to customers.

According to SoftLayer, the new service not only delivers messages between application components simply and securely, but the company also guarantees delivery. The end result: Applications developers have an easier job developing and scaling their apps without having to worry about performance bottlenecks.

"SoftLayer's queuing service provides many benefits to cloud users," said Cloudant CEO Derek Schoettle in a prepared statement. "By leveraging the power of both SoftLayer and Cloudant, users can seamlessly and cost-effectively scale applications with the high-performance they rely on as the needs of their businesses change and grow."

Cloudant's technology fits by queueing data as it moves between the application's various distributed components so that the SoftLayer Message Queue Service makes it easier to complete asynchronous tasks, workflows and bulk data processing that are under heavy loads.

"Their DBaaS scales well across the global SoftLayer cloud infrastructure, and the database performance and scalability insight the Cloudant team has to offer stands out and has resulted in a differentiated service," said Marc Jones, vice president of product innovation at SoftLayer, in a prepared statement.

Last month, Cloudant launched its NoSQL DBaaS on Rackspace for web and mobile applications. With the launch of NoSQL DBaaS, Cloudant put itself in competition with the Rackspace Cloud Databases brand of MySQL-based cloud database services.

Meanwhile, SoftLayer has being going toe-to-toe with the likes of Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) and Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN) with its IaaS offerings. Although the company may not consider itself a direct competitor to other public cloud providers, SoftLayer has been on the lookout for opportunities to lure away their customers as they outgrow the current offerings. Then SoftLayer steps in with its own IaaS brand and promises simplicity over its competitors in the space.

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