VMware vSOM: Special Incentives for Virtualization, Cloud Partners

VMware (NYSE:VMW) is promoting vSOM (vSphere with Operations Management) to its channel partners and end-customers. Frank Rauch, VP of Americas Partner Organization, says vSOM provides upside opportunity to VARs, MSPs and end-customers that want to more effectively manage virtualized and cloud data centers. Is this a stepping stone to software-defined data centers?

"We have about 25 million vSphere hosts that are unmanaged," said Rauch. "About 11 million of them are in the U.S." Channel partners and their customers, Rauch adds, need a better view into those data centers to understand how much of the environments are virtualized, what the utilization rates are, and whether you are agile enough to optimize new workloads at a moment's notice.

That's where vSOM enters the picture. For channel partners, VARs can resell and configure vSOM for end-customers. MSPs can use vSOM to remotely manage and optimize customers' data centers. Or the MSPs can use vSOM to optimize their own data centers.

Eager to get vSOM in front of more partners and customers, Rauch notes the following promotions:

  • Channel partners gain 10 points when they register the deal;
  • 10 points when they have the management competency in place;
  • 10 points per new account/new solution reward;
  • and 5 points on top of that.

"That's 35 points plus the material margin," said Rauch. "That's the push part of it to the partner. We're also offering a rebate to the customers." Indeed, a 15-point customer rebate is available through Sept. 30, 2013. 

Combine the technology advantages with the incentives, and "it's kind of a no-brainer," asserts Rauch.

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