VMware Rolls Out vFabric GemFire 7.0

VMware (NYSE: VMW) has rolled out version 7.0 of its vFabric GemFire distributed data management in-memory platform, a release the vendor said is faster and more flexible than before, enabling users to process huge volumes of data and scale within the cloud to meet users’ needs. The product, currently deployed in about 1,000 businesses in financial services, online retail and travel, is available now.

The GemFire 7.0 technology, which is popular with mobile and web developers, contains new tools to ease monitoring and management, and offers native support for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents. VMware engineered it for low latency to provide fast, available and scalable data access in high transactional applications, enabling businesses to run apps faster than with a traditional database.

Here’s what’s new in vFabric GemFire 7.0:

  • Cloud scale at the speed of business: New, high-speed parallel WAN processing allows customers to scale vFabric GemFire across global sites with no degradation in speed or performance.
  • Simplified monitoring and management: New graphical dashboard and performance monitoring capabilities give visibility across distributed vFabric GemFire environments through a single console. A simplified command line interface (CLI) and new “DataBrowser” functionality allow customers to view data, make queries and control all aspects of the vFabric GemFire environment.
  • Increased developer productivity: Modern APIs and integration with the Spring framework speed and simplify development. vFabric GemFire includes integration with the Spring Data GemFire project, including documentation and code samples to ease development and support of scalable, transactional enterprise applications.
  • JSON document support: Natively supports storing and querying of JSON documents, brings enterprise-grade capabilities to a JSON store including very low latency, horizontal scale-out, transaction support, security and continuous query. Supports query between multiple JSON documents as well as across JSON documents and key/value objects.

“The monolithic database of the past cannot meet the needs of modern applications,” said Jerry Chen, VMware vice president, Cloud and Application Services. “Proven through nearly a decade of production deployments in some of the most high-availability low-latency applications, VMware vFabric GemFire 7.0 solves difficult data challenges presented by modern, highly distributed web-oriented applications.”

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