Windows 8 Launch: Microsoft Marketing Seeks 1.6B Impressions

Windows 8 Launch: Microsoft Marketing Seeks 1.6B Impressions

Sometime before the Windows 8 launch on Oct. 26, Microsoft  (NASDAQ: MSFT) will launch a massive long-term marketing and advertising blitz that will generate 1.6 billion impressions. That's five impressions for every man, woman and child in the United States, notes Peter Han, VP of Microsoft's U.S. OEM division. But will that advertising drive upgrades to Windows 8 desktops, notebooks, ultrabooks and tablets? Hmmm...

Han explained Microsoft's Windows 8 marketing and promotion strategy during Synnex National Conference, which attracted 1,400 attendees last week in South Carolina. The VAR Guy captured some of Han's keynote in a FastChat Video (see below right).

[youtube width="300" height="254"][/youtube]Some skeptics wonder if Windows 8 will have a slow start -- especially since so many businesses are (A) currently upgrading to Windows 7 and (B) so many consumers don't have a feel for the Windows 8 tile interface. (Microsoft notes that Windows 8 users can still switch back to the classic Windows interface.)

Synnex CEO Kevin Murai and Intel Channel Chief Steve Dallman sounded upbeat about the Windows 8 launch. Murai told conference attendees to keep a close eye on mobile market opportunities, and Dallman told attendees to think of Windows 8 as a device launch rather than an operating system upgrade.

Some folks think Microsoft's pre-launch hype for Windows 8 hasn't been loud enough. But Microsoft's Han made it clear that some really big marketing and advertising efforts will kick into high gear even before the Oct. 26 launch date...

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