Webroot's Security Partner Program Drives Recurring Revenue

Webroot's Security Partner Program Drives Recurring Revenue

In this FastChat video, Webroot's Channel Chief explains the security company's cloud-based technology and its value proposition to both its partners and its end user customers.

Webroot has differentiated itself from other players in the security space by pushing the management of its technology to the cloud. Now the company is looking to its reseller partners to help define the security vendor’s value proposition in the marketplace.

In this FastChat video and in a related off-camera interview, Webroot Vice President of Worldwide Channels Charles Tomeo explains how Webroot’s cloud-based technology works, the channel’s role in its success, and ways both VARs and MSPs can incorporate the technology into their solution offerings.

“Channel partners are very integral part of the success of Webroot,” he said. “Webroot is about 400 employees and we are a global company—the product is in 12 different languages, and it’s not something we’re going to be able to grow based on the staff we have. So we’re counting on our channel partners as well as MSPs and distributors.”

At the heart of its offering is the Webroot Intelligence Network, a cloud-based management and security definitions repository that defines not just what is considered “bad” on the network, but also what’s considered “good” and what’s unknown, Tomeo noted. “Other vendors’ technology sends a definition that just tells you what’s bad. But ours gives us the ability to actually monitor those unknowns or zero days that keep people up at night.”

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