LogMeIn Rescue's Benefits for MSPs

LogMeIn Rescue's Benefits for MSPs

LogMeIn Director of Products Peter Zeinoun talks to MSPmentor about LogMeIn Rescue, a support tool MSPs can use without needing to deploy anything on the remote PC.

Remote control software is an important tool in any managed service provider (MSP)'s toolbox, and MSPs who are looking to add this feature may be investigating different options. MSPmentor recently spoke with LogMeIn Director of Products Peter Zeinoun about his company's offerings in this area.

Zeinoun joined MSPmentor Executive Editor Jessica Davis for a FastChat discussion of LogMeIn Rescue and what differentiates this tool. Zeinoun talked about the benefits of LogMeIn Rescue and how easy it is for MSPs to deploy and use in the day-to-day operations of their businesses. For instance, there is no need to install anything on the remote PC in order to use LogMeIn Rescue.

Zeinoun also shared information on how MSPs can participate in a free trial of the technology to give it a test run in real environments. Check out the full interview here.

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