Integrated Application Systems: Opportunity for ISVs

Integrated Application Systems: Opportunity for ISVs

In this FastChat video, Avnet's David Hutchinson explains the integrated applications systems opportunity for ISVs.

Big Data and analytics have been both a boon and a drag for enterprises—data mining can yield major results in terms of efficiency, knowledge and customer satisfaction, but the amount of computing it uses can be a total drag on the network. That’s why a growing number of companies are now offering integrated application systems to help their customers achieve high-performance without a total infrastructure replace.

In this FastChat video, David Hutchinson, director of Healthcare Solutions at Avnet (AVT), explains how ISVs can use integrated application systems from IBM (IBM), EMC (EMC), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Oracle (ORCL) and others to provision appliances with the right components necessary to solve a customer problem or perform a particular task. Using integrated application systems, he said, can provide solution consistency, enable ISVs to lock down or harden an appliance to reduce security issues, and reduce the amount of manpower needed to maintain the systems. Plus, “it speeds the sales cycle and overall cycle time from solution development to solution implementation for an ISV,” he said.

Avnet, for its part, can help in the integrated application systems process from soup to nuts, offering solution design, engineering support, development, supply-chain management, integration services and global logistics. “And for the right solution we have the ability to create scale by building routes to market through our extensive partner ecosystem,” Hutchinson noted.

“Avnet is really focused on helping our customers get their system to market much more efficiently,” he said. “Hopefully [what we can offer] can lead to better margins and improved customer satisfaction overall.”

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