How to Protect Customers and Maximize Your Backup

The number one cloud application for 2016 remains backup and recovery, according to various studies. It also remains one of the most lucrative and low-barriers-to-entry-kind of cloud opportunities for solution providers of all types to provide. This suite of offerings affords the channel a tremendous way to offer a robust set of cloud solutions to different verticals and sizes of companies.

Please join Carbonite’s Tom Powers, their global Six Sigma operations and program leader, for a lively discussion around backup and recovery and how to differentiate yourself in this very vast and wide hybrid and cloud market opportunity. We’ll discuss how Carbonite is innovating to bring new solutions and offerings in the market for partners to succeed with. What business challenges do new Carbonite solutions solve? We’ll also talk about who the ideal customers are that are best suited for these new offers and why should partners join the Carbonite family to bring these solutions to market with new and existing customers.

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