Carbonite: Cloud Backup Market for SMB Channel Partners Accelerates

Carbonite: Cloud Backup Market for SMB Channel Partners Accelerates

In this FastChat video, Carbonite's Director of Channels David Hauser explains how his company's expanded cloud backup and disaster recovery lineup is helping the channel offer a unique solution for customers of all sizes.


In the year or so since Carbonite (CARB) launched its next-generation reseller platform and acquired database backup company Zmanda, the cloud-based backup vendor has been on a channel roll, so to speak. But Carbonite isn’t slowing its momentum, said David Hauser, senior director, Channel Development at Carbonite. Rather, Carbonite’s got big doings on tap for its channel base.

In this FastChat video (above), Hauser explains how the Zmanda technology has expanded the company’s technology offerings for its channel partners and what’s next for its product set. He also shared some thoughts with us off camera.

“One of the things we’ve been doing is looking at what are the solution sets that are being asked for by our reseller base? What are the things we can do to continue to add value?,” he said.

One answer is a new appliance that will enable resellers to offer an onsite or on-premises solution. “It will have virtual failover, so if anything happens you’ll be able to fail over [to the appliance] immediately,” Hauser said. “It also will have bare metal restore, which obviously is a solution set that a lot of folks are looking for.”

The appliance will have a price tag starting at $99.99 per-month, which meets Carbonite’s core tenet of affordability, he added.

Carbonite also recently announced a relationship with distributor Tech Data (TECD), giving the company’s channel partners another avenue to acquire Carbonite’s solutions offerings.

“We have a lot more products going to market these days and I think from a channel partner perspective the neat thing is no matter how big the company is that you’re working with, we have different solution sets that you can use to grow with them,” Hauser noted. “If you’re working with a company with four individuals, 10 individuals, 30 individuals or a hundred individuals, we have different solution sets depending on what they’re trying to get, as far as backing up endpoints or backing up SQL databases.”

And, he added, resellers can get them either through Carbonite or through Tech Data.

“We’re really helping channel partners position the solution offerings we have vs. other solution offerings that are out there in the market so they are able to be as efficient as possible, spend the least amount of time explaining things, and really go out in the market and do what they do best,” he said.

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