HTG Peer Groups leaders Sorensen Scrogin and Sacco are the people behind HTG39s new Vision Summit

HTG Peer Groups leaders Sorensen, Scrogin and Sacco are the people behind HTG's new Vision Summit.

Got Vision?: HTG Peer Groups' Next Move

HTG Peer Groups is launching the Vision Summit. Can They bring a TED-like conference to IT channel partners and MSPs?

Where is HTG Peer Groups heading next? The answer is Vision Summit -- a new, TED-style event for MSPs, VARs and IT service providers. But in the crowded world of IT conferences and channel summits (here are the top 100), what will make Vision Summit (Aug. 15-16, Omaha) unique? HTG Peer Groups' Arlin Sorensen, Scott Scrogin and Christy Sacco shared some insights with me recently. 

The top-line pitch: Vision Summit is a conference where "attendees will present on a wide range of ideas or topics for a short amount of time. The Vision Summit is designed to be a gathering of knowledge and inspiration from our HTG community. It provides a forum where we can engage with ideas and each other. Our mission: Spreading great ideas as energetic leaders spark conversations and have animated discussions about how to best translate ideas into action."

When it comes to effective networking and conferences, HTG Peer Groups has extensive experience. Sorensen and Scrogin are pioneers in the peer group model -- bringing together IT service providers from non-competing markets to compare and improve business performance. Sacco joined the team in 2009 to build and manage the quarterly peer group gatherings. Earlier, she was VP of Corporate Relations at ConnectWise, where she helped the software company to build its annual partner conference -- now called IT Nation.

Confirmed speakers for Vision Summit include:

It's difficult for me to predict how the conference will play out since Vision Summit is new. But I see the conference as an opportunity to learn from peers while also checking in with some of Omaha's most successful businesses -- including PayPal (they have worldwide operations in Nebraska) and TD Ameritrade (also headquartered in the area). Plus, I wouldn't mind shaking hands with a few folks from Berkshire Hathaway...

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