Dell World 2015: Dell Explains Opportunities in EMC Deal

Dell World 2015: Dell Explains Opportunities in EMC Deal

Michael Dell added more to the Dell/EMC conversation during his keynote at Dell World 2015.

One of the biggest conversations so far at Dell World 2015 is Dell's acquisition of EMC. Chairman and CEO Michael Dell added to the buzz during his keynote address Oct. 21, discussing how Dell and EMC are able to help managed service providers keep businesses future-ready with the IT of tomorrow. “I am thrilled that we have a definitive agreement to acquire EMC,” he said.

“I started this company 32 years ago in my dorm room, building PCs. As I speak to you today, with this agreement in place, Dell is set to become an enterprise solutions powerhouse," Dell said. "Together with all of you, we are going to build the worlds infrastructure for the next 20 or 30 years. We have the vision, the innovation, the market power and the horsepower to help you dream big.”

How does Dell and EMC make a difference in the world of information technology? “Dell and EMC are a dream combination. We compliment each other beautifully. We bring together the worlds greatest franchises in the technology of today. We’re leaders in storage, servers, virtualization, and PCs,” he said.

“No one is more relevant and able to add value. We bring together the industry’s leading next-generation solutions—the technology of tomorrow," he continued. "Digital transformation, the software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, hybrid cloud, mobility and security. The combined capabilities of VMware, Virtustream, VCE, XtremIO, Pivotal, SonicWALL and more.”

The deal provides Dell's partners with an unsurpassed combination of capabilities to businesses on a global scale, Dell noted. “We are bringing together an unbelievable set of capabilities. EMC is the best company in the industry at incubating new technology. We plan to mirror the EMC approach of a strategically aligned family of businesses. That front-end engine will be backed by Dell’s best-in-class global supply chain. The world’s largest enterprise systems company.”

Dell is able to do all of this under a private company structure—staying focused on innovation, leadership and ownership in the industry. Because it is an end-to-end provider of IT solutions, MSPs that partner with Dell are better able to keep their customers prepared fully for the IT of tomorrow.

For businesses of all types, the IT of tomorrow is reality, from cloud to security to big data to mobility to the Internet of Things, it’s constantly evolving and businesses must keep up. “Each day, technology is driven deeper and further into our lives. Technology doesn’t support the business model; it is the business model,” he said.

Over the past decade, businesses have come to depend on technology—and they’re about to depend on technology a lot more than ever before. "I know there’s pressure because I hear it from CEOs every day," Dell said. "Pressure to perform—to effectively manage the operations and reduce costs at the same time, so you can invest and lead the way for growth.”

He continued, “The Internet of Things is here. IDC estimates that 85 percent of today’s devices aren’t yet connected, but they will be. The explosion in devices is really just beginning. Sensors are getting smarter and much less expensive all the time. Bandwidth costs are down 40 times. Processing costs are down 60 times.”

Are you keeping your customers prepared and future-ready with the IT of tomorrow?

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