Dell World 2015: Michael Dell Discusses How the EMC  Buy Helps MSPs

Dell World 2015: Michael Dell Discusses How the EMC Buy Helps MSPs

At Dell World 2015, Michael Dell explained the benefits of the EMC acquisition. Here's how it helps MSPs.

Dell World 2015, one of the most well-known events for industry leaders, is being held at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Dell World 2015 brings together some of the top professionals with important insight into topics vital to the ever-evolving world of technology and business. Above all, Dell World 2015 helps MSPs achieve a higher level of success as they stay ahead of the most innovative ways to boost profits and better serve their customers.

During his keynote address, Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell discussed what has been touted as the most comprehensive merger in IT history—Dell's acquisition of EMC and its satellite properties including VMware (VMW).

“If you look at the current major areas of IT, this combined company has a leadership position in four of the most critical areas: servers, storage, virtualization, and PCs with incredible strength and scale in those areas,” Dell said. “This company also has a very strong position in the IT of tomorrow: digital transformation, the software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, hybrid cloud, security and mobility. They have incredible go-to-market strength across customers of all sizes, an incredible breadth and reach across customers around the world, an innovative engine and a long-term focus.” 

What does acquiring VMware mean for managed services firms? VMware will continue to be an independent company, and naturally, it plans to release more details as the integration strategy is mapped. “Our strategy as it relates to being channel and distributor friendly does not change,” Dell said.

When discussing whether it’s the end of the PC’s life in the modern business world, Dell noted, “When I hear people say everything’s going to the cloud, it sounds like the PC is dead. I don’t think that’s what’s happening. You’re going to have software-as-a-service, public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds.”

Throughout evolving changes occurring in the world of information technology, security will always remain a major focus, he noted. “We’ve seen how unbelievably clever and resourceful some of these threat actors are. We’re seeing a 120 billion network events every day.

“We’re able to understand that, look for malicious activity, and put proper measures in place to protect our customers," he continued. "It’s a fantastic area for partners to focus on. We’re doubling our capability as we complete this transaction.”

The takeaway: Get future-ready before it’s too late. The merger gives your managed services firm the ability to take advantage of innovative solutions for customers of all types and sizes. Dell’s long-term focus, incredible go-to-market strength, and innovative strategy are exactly what MSPs need to succeed.

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