Ericom: Enabling Windows ISVs To Turn Any App Into SaaS

Ericom Software has launched Ericom AccessCloud, a "cloud enablement" solution designed to help Microsoft Windows developers turn their legacy single-tenant applications into SaaS and start reaping the benefits of a recurring revenue model. And TalkinCloud readers should take special note: as a software solution, Ericom AccessCloud is designed to be hosted in a cloud service provider's facility.

In a prepared statement, Ericom CEO Eran Heyman explains why AccessCloud is the right solution at the right time:

“Many ISVs are looking to address their customers’ need to migrate to a cloud environment. These companies have developed very mature and feature-rich Windows applications, and face significant challenges and investment in cloud-enabling these applications. We are very pleased to be able to offer an easy and cost-effective path to assist in overcoming these challenges.”

Once run through Ericom AccessCloud, ISVs get plenty of benefits: for starters, the press release says that it beats having to re-architect your solution from scratch, and it's faster, too. Moreover, it comes with tools to make sure the application works on smartphones and tablets, and a separate tool to help optimize the application on any IT infrastructure.

And on the service provider's end, Ericom says that deploying AccessCloud can result in "thousands" of ISVs coming aboard with your services.

No doubt, there's plenty of demand for this kind of solution, as developers try to get in on the cloud market. In fact, Citrix, which Ericom is pretty explicit about considering its prime competition, offers a similar solution. But I wonder how many customers would be happy with a Windows application that wasn't designed with the cloud in mind.
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