Distribution Watch: D&H Distributing, Arrow Electronics, Ingram Micro

Distribution Watch: D&H Distributing, Arrow Electronics, Ingram Micro

This week’s Distribution Watch features the latest news from D&H Distributing, Arrow Electronics and Ingram Micro.

Happy Friday, and more importantly, Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, and here at The VAR Guy there’s nothing we love more than to deliver our readers a beautiful bouquet of distributor news each week. In this edition, we’ve got the latest stories from D&H Distributing, Arrow Electronics (ARW) and Ingram Micro (IM).

D&H: Our pals in Harrisburg (not too far from Hershey, maker of that perfect Valentine's Day candy, Kisses!) have expanded their portfolio of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-based smart home automation devices to stay competitive in the growing IoT market, according to an announcement. The distributor is encouraging its reseller ecosystem to "make this category a greater part of their SMB offerings."

D&H currently carries automated devices from vendors such as Ascend, Belkin, Oplink and Quirky. Solutions include door and window-monitoring products, security system technology and Bluetooth-enabled lighting applications for mobile device users.

“More manufacturers are looking to integrate their connected electronics not just with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth feature, but with the user’s ever-present cell phone,” said Rob Eby, vice president of Purchasing at D&H Distributing, in a statement. “Not only does this technology deliver convenience and security, it allows businesses and homeowners to use automation to manage the way they consume energy, conserving resources—and establishing a ‘green’ sales angle for resellers and dealers.”

Arrow Electronics: Arrow (cupid's arrow?) announced a new distribution agreement with managed cloud service provider Rackspace (RAX) to expand the company’s cloud service portfolio in North America.

The agreement will allow Arrow’s ecosystem of solution providers to enter the Rackspace Reseller Program, which provides partners with volume discounts, sales support and financial services, according to the announcement. Rackspace’s solutions portfolio is available through the ArrowSphere platform.

“Our agreement with Arrow represents a key strategic move extending the value of Rackspace’s managed cloud offering deep into the enterprise segment,” said Todd Cione, senior vice president of America Sales at Rackspace. “Through our shared emphasis on delivering specialized expertise, this collaboration with Arrow will allow us to extend the reach of our Fanatical Support to leading solution providers within the United States and Canadian market, and eventually expand on a global scale.”

Ingram Micro: Backup and disaster recovery solution provider UltraBac Software has entered into an agreement Ingram Micro (sorry, I can't think of any romantic analogies for Ingram Micro. Don't take it personally!) that will allow the distributor to carry its full product portfolio. Ingram will distribute UltraBac's solutions via its affiliate, Global Marketing Partners, which will help create a larger purchasing market for the UltraBac Software PartnerPlus Program, according to the announcement.

"One of the most crucial items for companies is the protection of their valuable data assets," said Will Noble, UltraBac Software's director of Channel Development. "Our relationship with Ingram Micro is an important factor in helping us enter new markets and verticals, both domestic and international."

That’s all the news we have for today, but remember to stop by next week for more great distribution news. And remember, The VAR Guy gladly accepts chocolates, candy hearts, and technology-themed greeting cards if you’re feeling so inclined.

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