Whitepaper: The Case for Outsourced Help Desks

Establishing and maintaining a help desk is a tall order for the average MSP, which often lacks the trained personnel and service desk management systems necessary to deliver the kinds of call center experiences customers expect. The answer for many is to offload this continuous effort and expense to qualified and experienced third parties that specialize in IT service desk support.

Service desk outsourcing enables MSPs to deliver world-class services while concentrating on core business and sales. There are numerous benefits to an MSP in outsourcing help desk operations.

Download now and discover:

  • The advantages of outsourced help desks, including reduced costs, high-quality support, and increased flexibility.
  • What to consider when outsourcing service desk operations, such as a white-label option, Level 3 expertise, and integrated systems.
  • Critical factors for customer service desk satisfaction.
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