VeriStor Cloud Backup Aims to Eliminate Traditional Backup Costs

VeriStor Cloud Backup Aims to Eliminate Traditional Backup Costs

VeriStor is taking to the cloud-based backup and recovery model with a new cloud-based service intended to eliminate the costs of traditional backup infrastructure.

VeriStor is taking a new cloud-based backup and recovery service to market to eliminate the costs associated with traditional backup infrastructure. The new VeriStor Cloud Backup was also designed to alleviate day-to-day management overhead that comes with legacy data protection products.

The backup and recovery offering is a combination of secure cloud storage infrastructure, end-to-end managed services and enterprise-class data protection software that VeriStor stated will provide “superior data protection flexibility, assurance and reliability” for an easy-to-use, capacity-based monthly fee.

Powered by the CommVault Simpana data protection platform, VeriStor Cloud Backup takes hybrid IT infrastructure into mind by providing management capabilities for both physical and virtual servers. VeriStor is playing the price game against traditional backup providers, noting it is eliminating complex per-agent licensing fees, while also providing support for a variety of hypervisors, operating systems, applications and storage products. The pricing structure is based on per-terabyte monthly subscription fees.

It's not an uncommon story in the cloud-based backup and recovery space, and it's clear VeriStor will be going head-to-head against the likes of Amazon Glacier and the growing number of other competing low-cost, cloud-based storage solutions (and the number of them seems to grow every week).

The VeriStor service will be available to customers in two models:

  • On-Site Backup + Cloud Replication, Retention and Archive was designed for large data sets and optimized for performance. It gives customers high-speed local backup and recovery through a fully-managed on-premise appliance with deduplication and secure, encrypted replication to a secondary site in the VeriStor Cloud facility.

  • Cloud Backup + Cloud Retention and Archive, on the other hand, was designed for smaller data sets. It transfers deduplicated, encrypted backup data directly to the cloud. It stores multiple copies in geographically-dispersed VeriStor Cloud facilities.

Both versions support CommVault's advanced data management features, as well as Simpana OnePass. The offering can also be integrated with VeriStor Cloud Continuity disaster recovery as a Service.

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