Spanning Cloud, Mozy Strike Co-Marketing Agreement

Spanning Cloud, Mozy Strike Co-Marketing Agreement

Cloud backup providers Spanning Cloud Apps and Mozy by EMC have partnered for joint marketing efforts in their respective backup and data protection offerings.

In another example of two vendors working together to further their cloud services and business, Spanning Cloud Apps and Mozy have joined forces in a co-marketing agreement. The companies will work together to jointly market their cloud storage and backup solution.

Spanning has made its name in cloud backup with an enterprise-class data protection solution available for Google Apps, whereas Mozy by EMC (NYSE: EMC) provides cloud backup and data access to its customers. Although it seems like the two should be fierce competitors in the cloud backup market, it looks Spanning and Mozy don't see it that way. Far from it, as the competing companies will be working together and already share a lot of joint customers.

Mozy general manager Russ Stockdale called the partnership a "strategic fit" that will work to Mozy's advantage as more and more businesses move their data backup and protection to the cloud. Mozy and Spanning will combine their technologies and their missions to "provide businesses with the solutions that are right for their organizations," Stockdale said in a prepared statement.

How this partnership will factor into Spanning's recent completion of a $6 million Series B round of funding is unknown, but partnering with Mozy should provide the company with additional opportunities to expand globally. The lead investor was kept a secret, and with this latest announcement, it's easy to speculate that perhaps Mozy was involved in that investment.

"This relationship is a strategic extension of Mozy's disk-to-cloud backup capabilities and a validation of Spanning's technology. Millions of businesses are moving to Google Apps for core business applications," said Charlie Wood, CEO and founder of Spanning, in a prepared statement.

There's a huge—and growing—opportunity for vendors such as Mozy and Spanning, as well as other cloud services providers, to provide reliable and secure cloud storage for backup and restore purposes. Business- and mission-critical data is moving to the cloud—something uncommon even a year or two ago when organizations had big questions about the security of cloud computing. However, an Aberdeen Group study found that one-third of cloud users have suffered data loss.

For cloud brokers, perhaps there's an opportunity to guide organizations to safe and reliable cloud backup services and solutions, acting as consultants that have already done the due diligence to ensure reliability and security.

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