Michael Toplisek executive VP of sales and marketing at EarthLink is making a cloudbased disaster recovery push

Michael Toplisek, executive VP of sales and marketing at EarthLink, is making a cloud-based disaster recovery push.

EarthLink Hopes to Prepare Customers with New Cloud Disaster Recovery Service

EarthLink has launched its Cloud Disaster Recovery service, a cloud-based replication server requiring minimal resources that was designed to prepare customers should disaster strike.

EarthLink (NASDAQ:ELNK) continues to build out its cloud services and move further and further away from its origins as an Internet service provider. The latest cloud initiative the company is taking is in the disaster recovery area. It recently launched the EarthLink Cloud Disaster Recovery service.

According to the cloud services provider, the new disaster recovery service is a cloud-based replication server that requires minimum resources but provides businesses with a much-needed service. In other words, EarthLink has joined the growing number of cloud services providers offering backup and disaster recovery services in the cloud.

Although there is certainly a need for cloud-based disaster recovery services, the market is increasingly getting crowded. EarthLink's offering continuously replicates data from the primary server environment to an EarthLink cloud data center, ensuring continued business continuity should disaster strike the primary server. It's managed and fully automated, so it should be simple for customers to use.

"Our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution is fully customizable, so whether the client needs to back up specific data or their entire infrastructure, they purchase only a small amount of computing resources and their required storage, only paying for the full failover environment if it's activated," said Michael Toplisek, executive VP of sales and marketing at EarthLink, in a prepared statement. "Our experts truly consult with customers to create a pre-defined, sound disaster contingency plan that provides them with peace of mind and stability no matter the scenario."

EarthLink is competing with a host of other cloud disaster recovery services, some of which are channel-led in their sale strategies. This is another step in EarthLink's build-out of its cloud services strategy, which is really just one aspect to the company's overall offerings. EarthLink has moved far beyond its ISP beginnings and now provides a variety of cloud computing, data center, and data and voice services.

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