CodeLathe Adds File Sharing, Security Features to FileCloud

CodeLathe Adds File Sharing, Security Features to FileCloud

CodeLathe has added new file sharing, security and administrative features to its Tonido FileCloud private cloud enterprise file sharing and mobile access solution.

CodeLathe is looking to address some of the problems enterprises have with file, sync and share cloud services with the introduction of new features to its Tonido FileCloud offering. The on-premise enterprise file-sharing and mobile access offering has been upgraded to include new file-sharing, security and administrative features the company claims will provide customers with seamless and complete integration with enterprise IT systems.

As a private cloud-based, self-hosted enterprise file-sharing and sync offering, Tonido FileCloud was originally designed to live completely within the four walls of an enterprise. CodeLathe contrasts its offering with the various and growing number of public cloud offerings that "require storage and data exchange on public servers."

For certain types of files and organizations, a public cloud-based file sync and share offering may not be the most appropriate way of doing things, and that's where CodeLathe may have an advantage. It aims to take on the private cloud aspect of sync and share.

"Our latest FileCloud release addresses pretty much all the pain points of enterprise file sharing, including control, security and branding,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe. “Now, enterprises can have a branded, on-premises file-sharing and sync solution without sacrificing ownership and security at a fifth of the cost of market alternatives."

Enhanced features to version 3.0 of FileCloud include:

  • The ability to share files with external partners using the web and mobile devices. Even if they're not users, external partners can be given permissions to upload files to FileCloud. Users can now also re-share files and folders, share with groups and download a whole directory or multiple files as a compressed zip file.
  • CodeLathe has introduced mixed mode authentication to enable admins to add users not part of the organization's Active Directory. Intergration with ClamAV, an open source antivirus engine, also provides detection and prevention of viral infections from being uploaded into FileCloud. Additionally, deleted files and folders are now no longer gone forever—they can be restored with FileCloud's new recycle bin support.
  • Admins can now integrate FileCloud groups with existing ActiveDirectory groups and existing user home directories via CIFS using a new Smart Mount feature. The update also adds simple REST APIs for easy provisioning of user accounts. And to make updates ever easier, there's a new one-click button for updates, access to shared files using WebDAV protocol and multi-tenancy support.

Although a private cloud offering is unlikely to disrupt the market and steal customers away from the public cloud file sync and share services available right now (with more coming all the time), it looks like it could prove useful to organizations that want to keep their file sync and share internal and more under control.

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