CloudByte Storage Services Expand to Asian Markets with Kryptos

CloudByte Storage Services Expand to Asian Markets with Kryptos

After launching a month ago with ElastiStor 1.0, CloudByte is partnering with Kryptos to take its cloud-based storage services to markets in both India and Asia.

CloudByte is looking to start expanding globally with its cloud-based storage services, and the company is heading into Asia with the help of India-based Kryptos Networks through a distribution agreement.

CloudByte launched about 30 days ago ElastiStor 1.0, a cloud-based storage service that tailors storage performance to the application, even though the apps share a common storage resource pool. The storage service gives customers some flexibility in enabling applications with different workload characteristics to share the same storage resources, thereby eliminating any storage fragmentation.

According to Srivibhavan Balaram, CEO of CloudByte, the company has so far seen interest in the service from enterprises and service providers in Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and the United States. The partnership with Kryptos is focused on expanding CloudByte into markets in Asia and India.

"This partnership also validates our belief in the need for a better solution to the current problem of storage fragmentation, as Kryptos is well-positioned to obtain in-depth insights about the storage solution dynamics," Balaram said in a prepared statement.

CloudByte seems to have high expects for India and Asia as it expands. The reason is pretty solid, too. The markets it's eying currently support more than 500 "leading" service providers. Gartner has identified India as a major emerging market for cloud services. It's among three top growth markets, along with Indonesia and China.

ElastiStor enables linear scaling and storage to be deployed as a single extensible platform to significantly cut storage total cost of ownership and management overhead. For cloud services providers, CloudByte expects ElastiStor to give them a new way to differentiate themselves by offering on-demand storage with strong capacity, IOPS, throughput and reduced latency, according to the company.

"We've had significant success in envisioning the shift towards on-demand IT solutions and prioritizing on delivering these to the service providers," said Prasanna Ram, Kryptos CEO, in a prepared statement. "We are now placing a similar bet on CloudByte's next-generation storage technology and based on our early interactions, we are confident of repeating our success."

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