Promise Technology Launches Private Cloud Storage Offering

Promise Technology Launches Private Cloud Storage Offering

Promise Technology is the latest company to come out with a cloud-based file sync and share offering, but like others in recent history, the vendor is launching its solution as a private cloud storage service.

Storage vendor Promise Technology today unveiled a private cloud file sync and share solution. Dubbed FileCruiser, the new storage-as-a-service option was designed with both enterprise and small and medium business (SMB) customers in mind.

The company noted that FileCruiser enables organizations to build their own secure, scalable private cloud storage service, in part to deal with issues around the bring your own device (BYOD) movement. BYOD has been causing security issues for IT departments and trusted advisors in the channel for a few years now, and with the potential for breaches, Promise is hoping to alleviate any security concerns.

According to the company, FileCruiser intelligently syncs across users' devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices, while providing access at any time from anywhere. It also offers FTP replacement for file sharing, team collaboration tools and email attachment integration.

FileCruiser was developed to support thousands of accounts while also providing the security of a private cloud.

"Cloud storage is an enabler for innovation, collaboration and productivity," said James Lee, CEO of Promise Technology, in a prepared statement. "It provides a means for mobile access that keeps workers connected and contributing. This is one of the reasons we see the amount of data being stored in the cloud growing at such a rapid pace. However, we know that in a business setting, security continues to be a top concern. With FileCruiser we're not only offering Dropbox-like services, but also building in enterprise level security in a platform that is designed to be deployed as a private cloud to deliver the highest level of protection."

Unlike Dropbox, though, it's going to take some more work to get FileCruiser up and running. And that's perhaps where channel partners can come in, helping to deploy the private cloud behind a customer's firewall.

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