Julia White general manager of technical product management for Microsoft Office 365

Julia White, general manager of technical product management for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Unveils OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive's rebranding is now complete with the launch of OneDrive for Business, formerly SkyDrive Pro.

Microsoft (MSFT) unveiled OneDrive for Business at its SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas. As with the OneDrive cloud storage service announced last week, OneDrive for Business isn't exactly new. This is all part of Microsoft's rebranding of what used to be SkyDrive—or SkyDrive Pro, in this case.

Julie White, general manager of technical product management for Office 365, shared additional details about OneDrive for business in a blog post following the official announcement at the conference. As with the consumer version of OneDrive (which is almost certainly being used by at least some businesses out there), OneDrive for Business is a personal online storage service with file sync and store capabilities.

This latest version is much more tied into Microsoft Office 365, enabling the collaboration of Office documents using Office 365 either on Windows machines or mobile devices.

According to White, Microsoft has made it even easier for customers to get started on OneDrive. In addition to being even more tied into Office 365, users also have the ability to choose to use OneDrive for Business as a standalone service. The standalone version provides businesses with 25GB of storage per employee. Additional cloud storage can be purchased. Standalone OneDrive for Business will launch April 1 (no joke).

White also noted that Microsoft has improved the ease of use, making it easier to access, find and manage work files. And because it was announced at the SharePoint Conference, White also wrote about the cloud service's integration with SharePoint. Essentially, on-premise SharePoint users can configure OneDrive for Business more easily "with just a few clicks."

"With the new offering, businesses of all sizes can get started with a full-featured and intuitive file sync and share service that includes Office Online, so employees can collaborate on Office documents in real time via a browser or using their Office desktop applications," White wrote.

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