Mendix 5 Offers Multi-Device Profile Layouts for App Development

Mendix 5 Offers Multi-Device Profile Layouts for App Development

Mendix has released the next major update of its application PaaS offering that the company claims cuts application development time down from months to days.

Mendix, which bills itself as the "app platform company," has released the latest major upgrade to its application PaaS, which helps developers cut the development and deployment time for business applications down from months to days. Mendix 5 has a handful of new or enhanced features to help developers speed up deployments and have additional flexibility.

The new features really fall under four main categories:

  • Multi-device layouts—Mendix 5 includes flexible "layouts" for application pages, device profiles for desktop, tablet and mobile devices and an updated CSS-based theming structure that is aligned with the Bootstrap framework.
  • App services across multiple applications allow developers to quickly create reusable app components and share them between applications—That's a common theme in application development PaaS offerings these days—making them almost modular so elements can be coded once and used multiple times.
  • Enterprise app store—IT teams can manage, share and reuse all their apps and components within a secure app store. Applications can be instantly published to users or offered to the entire Mendix community in the public Mendix App Store.
  • Platform API—With the new Platform API, IT organizations can make the Mendix App Platform an integral part of any enterprise development infrastructure and seamlessly integrate with common software development and testing tools.

"Competitive pressures are forcing businesses to react more quickly, and they don't have time to wait months or years to get business apps working for their organizations," said Derek Roos, founder and CEO of Mendix, in a prepared statement. "Mendix 5 will allow companies to take advantage of more opportunities and innovate faster. Our platform puts business and IT on the same page, enabling them to deliver the business applications they need, faster, across multiple devices and with the user experience they've come to expect."

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