CloudShare CEO Zvi Guterman wants to help businesses speed software development and testing

CloudShare CEO Zvi Guterman wants to help businesses speed software development and testing.

CloudShare Unveils Self-Service Apps Development and Testing Offering

CloudShare has launched a self-service offering for application development and testing in the cloud. CloudShare Labs expands the company's platform of cloud virtualization services in the cloud.

Cloud-based on-demand IT environment provider CloudShare is giving a boost to its applications development and testing capabilities with the launch of Cloudshare Labs. The self-service cloud offering was designed for developers and development organizations within enterprises to get additional speed, scale and efficiency when developing and testing new applications.

"Limited and slow access to infrastructure causes delays in release cycles and puts testing at risk of being incomplete, resulting in bugs in production. Lack of access to IT infrastructure and the limitation of existing solutions remain huge barriers to rapid innovation," said Zvi Guterman, CEO of CloudShare, in a prepared statement.

Development and testing remains (and will continue to remain) one of the most popular uses of cloud computing, but CloudShare is no stranger to providing solutions for developers. It already offers some development and testing tools for its customers. CloudShare Labs will extend those capabilities.

The new service provides development and testing groups that are working with complex, multi-tier enterprise applications with the ability to quickly create and provision environments to build verification, test automation and conduct manual testing on applications.

A few of the key features include:

  • Simplified bug fixing, enabling the capture of multi-VM disk and memory state that freezes a bug in its environment. Developers and testers can then share the bug with others and correct it without having to reproduce the bug in a different environment.
  • Environment cloning and testing libraries to eliminate mistakes caused by misconfiguration while enabling collaboration between teams.
  • Integration with application lifecycle management and software development lifecycle processes and tools.
  • Remote access so organizations can conduct their development and testing entirely in the cloud.

"With CloudShare Labs, application development and testing organizations work faster and companies will find a competitive advantage by gaining access to IT resources at the speed of development," Guterman said in a prepared statement.

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