VMware and DynamicOps: Cloud Automation Smarts

VMware's buyout of cloud automation solutions vendor DynamicOps is an interesting move that deserves a closer look. DynamicOps' technology enables provisioning and management of IT services across heterogeneous environments.

Admittedly, the cloud space is getting crowded, and vendors left and right are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and/or make the process of moving to the cloud relatively painless. DynamicOps, which already shares a good chunk of its customer base with VMware, compliments VMware's product portfolio by bringing in the ability to manage VMware and non-VMware virtual environments and physical environments as well as other heterogenous environments. "It rounds out [and fills] some gaps in [VMware's] portfolio," said Rich Krueger, DynamicOps CEO.

As Ramin Sayar, vice president and general manager of Cloud Infrastructure and Management at VMware noted in his company blog regarding the acquisition:

The combination of our current product portfolio and DynamicOps helps our customers with both aspects of their cloud journey – by providing a complete infrastructure stack to build a cloud as well as a comprehensive management solution that addresses the consumption of cloud resources in a uniform way.

In other words, VMware customers now have the ability to use physical environments, Hyper-V- and Xen-based hypervisors or Amazon EC2 and be able to manage them as simply as they do their VMware environments using vCloud Director. According to the company, "DynamicOps' policy-based service governor capabilities automate and control how applications and users are provisioned across physical and heterogeneous cloud infrastructure resources."

"I think VMware and some others recognized Dymanic Ops has leading, award-winning technology in the space and with VMware we can expand our market to their channel much faster than they could on their own and they can invest in our technology faster than we could do on our own," Krueger said.

In his company blog about the acquisition, DynamicOps founder and CTO Leslie Muller affirmed why his company is a good acquisition target for VMware:

One of DynamicOps’ biggest advantages — and a key reason Global 2000 organizations choose us and VMware was attracted to us — is our ability to quickly integrate with and leverage existing infrastructure. This tremendous ability will enable us to rapidly integrate DynamicOps products with the VMware ecosystem, making it easy for customers to benefit from our combined solutions without changing their environment or processes.

At the end of the day, it's all about simplicity. With the DynamicOps acquisition, VMware is hoping to make cloud provisioning and management easy, no matter the ingredients. Stay tuned.

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