Synchronoss to Launch Cloud File Sync and Share at CES

Synchronoss to Launch Cloud File Sync and Share at CES

Synchronoss Technologies is launching a cloud-based business-class file sync and share offering that the company will demonstrate at CES next month.

It's a little early to be talking about the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES), but that didn't stop Synchronoss Technologies from jumping the gun and announcing new cloud initatives and products that it will demonstrate at CES.

Synchronoss, which specializes in mobile cloud and software products, unveiled new cloud offerings that will be demonstrated at CES in just a couple of weeks. The new offerings should play into the carrier channel, which will get a glimpse of the new technologies in early January.

The new products include:

  • Synchronoss Business Cloud, a white-label file sync and share and collaboration cloud offering aimed at the carrier market. Developed with enterprise customers in mind, Synchronoss noted the new offering is secure, flexible and scalable and integrates "critical features" into a single platform.
  • Synchronoss Personal Cloud, a white-label personal cloud offering that allows mobile carriers to provide subscribers with branded, out-of-the-box storage and sync capabilities.
  • Synchronoss Integrated Life, a cloud platform designed to allow any device to activate on a network simply and quickly. The idea is the new cloud offering connects and activates all devices, enabling a seamless experience leading into the next generation of connected devices.

The channel play might be light, as Synchronoss often deals directly with carriers, but channel resellers and cloud providers may want to take note, particularly in regards to Synchronoss Business Cloud. This is another file sync and share offering being launched into what is arguably an already saturated market, creating even more competition and putting the squeeze on competitors.

A lot of carriers have been the tortoise rather then the hare in the race for cloud computing market share, but keep in mind how that story ended. Carriers have a built-in customer base that can be upsold on cloud services, making them serious competition—if not now, then in the future.

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