SkyKick Provides Exchange Public Folder Migration to Office 365

SkyKick Provides Exchange Public Folder Migration to Office 365

SkyKick is looking to automate the migration of Microsoft Exchange public folders to Office 365 with a new tool. The company also launched a new Project Management Application.

Microsoft (MSFT) Office 365-focused SkyKick has released two new offerings as part of its SkyKick Application Suite, which was designed to help organizations move their workloads and data to the cloud-based productivity suite.

Included in its Application Suite is Microsoft Exchange public folder migration automation for Office 365 and the new Project Management Application. The offerings are available exclusively to SkyKick's partners to help them migrate their customers to Office 365, and according to the company, its partners have helped thousands of businesses move to the cloud.

Automating public folder migrations is meant to remove many of the manual processes partners must go through to move their customers to Office 365. SkyKick noted in its announcement that such migrations often involve large data sets, complex folder structures and varying levels of user permissions. A headache, for sure, but the migration automation tool is meant to be a painkiller.

According to SkyKick, there are no third-party tools to help automate the public folder migration process. Until now, that is. And the SkyKick tool automates the whole process and reduces complexity and effort on the part of the partner.

The new Project Management Application was developed to give partners the ability to manage various facets of the Office 365 migration project quickly, get real-time alerts about migration status and automate previously manual tasks. SkyKick noted the app is a "simpler and more powerful experience."

"Adding public folder migration to the SkyKick Application Suite while streamlining management of the migration project even further with the release of the Project Management Application is a big leap forward in simplifying migration projects for our partners," said Todd Schwartz, CEO of SkyKick, in a prepared statement.

As companies continue to shift to Office 365, automating as much of the migration as possible will make the process less difficult and challenging for the partners involved, as well as for the end customers.

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