RightAnswers Launches NetSuite-Based SuiteApp Offering Photo by Wiertz Sébastien. Licensed under Creative Commons.

RightAnswers Launches NetSuite-Based SuiteApp Offering

Cloud-based knowledge management provider RightAnswers has released a new software suite that combines CRM and knowledge management. RightAnswers SuiteApp is built based on NetSuite's SuiteCloud Computing Platform.

RightAnswers thinks it has, well, the right answers for a cloud software solution that mixes CRM and knowledge management. The company has launched RightAnswers SuiteApp, cloud software meant to improve customer service by making it easier for customers get answers to their questions through a self-service portal.

To get the capabilities it sought, RightAnswers combined its own Unified Knowledge Platform with NetSuite's (NYSE: N) SuiteCloud Computing Platform. The end result, according to the company, is a powerful combination of CRM and knowledge management: SuiteCloud provides a variety of cloud-based products, development tools and services for customers and software developers to "take advantage of the significant economic benefits of cloud computing."

RightAnswers comes at this product from the self-service world. Specializing in knowledge management and self-service solutions, RightAnswers has deployed its knowledge management products into hundreds of customers environments around the world.

"With the RightAnswers SuiteApp, organizations can reach new levels of success for customer service and companywide support. Given that NetSuite and RightAnswers are recognized leaders in their fields, this can provide customers a new and exciting cloud-based solution," said Bill Pollie, vice president of Global Sales and Business Development at RightAnswers, in a prepared statement.

How this might factor into the channel at the moment is unknown, but RightAnswers works with a handful of reseller partners with respect to Unified Knowledge Platform. This could provide partners with a new solution to take to customers—and for those already familiar with NetSuite's products, the learning curve should be low.

"The integrated nature of our products allows organizations to provide greater consistency in support responses for improved customer service, reduces support costs by providing self-service and mobile access to customers, better equips agents to handle repeat occurrences of known issues, and prepares organizations to better handle companywide business and IT initiatives," said Guido Haarmans, vice president of Business Development Technology Partners at NetSuite, in a prepared statement.

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