Polycom Joins First Wave of OVCC-Compliant Collaboration Service Providers

Polycom Joins First Wave of OVCC-Compliant Collaboration Service Providers

Polycom has joined the first wave of video collaboration service providers adhering to the Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC). The RealPresence Platform has been deemed OVCC-compliant.

Polycom's RealPresence Platform has been deemed a Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC)-compliant technology. As part of the announcement, Polycom (NASDAQ: PLCM) noted its platform will be part of the underlying infrastructure for six of seven service providers currently offering OVCC-compliant, cloud-delivered video services.

As with others in the video communications and telepresence space, Polycom has been making a larger push into the realm of cloud video communications services. Earlier this year, the company debuted RealPresence Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) before later expanding on that strategy by teaming up with IBM to jointly do video-as-a-service development.

Although video/telepresence communications often have been restricted to the larger businesses that can, quite simply, afford the technology, the move to VaaS puts is bringing down costs for the average SMB and making it more accessible.

Additionally, industry standards are slowly having an effect on the way these different video systems and services interoperate. Polycom recently updated RealPresence to include what it called the industry's first open standards-based SVC (Scalable Video Coding)--a modification that Polycom stated has provided RealPresence customers with greater scalability, lower TCO, superior performance and backwards- and forward-compatibility to protect customer investments.

"The breakthrough network-to-network interoperability of the OVCC service is eliminating technical obstacles to make video collaboration as easy as a phone call," said Andy Miller, Polycom CEO, in a prepared statement. "Together with our OVCC partners we are working to remove impediments for customers to drive mass adoption of video collaboration, and make it easy for anyone to participate on a video conference, regardless of the network, vendor, or device."

OVCC is an initiative announced in June 2011 by a group of global video exchange providers, network providers and equipment manufacturers. The consortium didn't really get up and running until October 2011, when it officially launched with nine founding members, including Polycom. Its membership now includes 31 vendors.

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