OpenStack Cloud Consulting: Mirantis Leading the Way?

OpenStack Cloud Consulting: Mirantis Leading the Way?

When it comes to OpenStack and open source cloud computing, here's the key question I keep asking: Are any companies or customers actually profiting from OpenStack? One potential answer to that question involves Mirantis, which claims to be the largest and most experienced provider of engineering services for OpenStack. Translation: Mirantis is carving out a niche as an OpenStack cloud consulting firm.

Mirantis assists service providers, SaaS vendors and enterprise customers with OpenStack deployments, migrations and support. The company's clientele includes Cisco Systems, GE Money and Agilent. The company is expected to have a significant presence at the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference (April 16-20, San Francisco).

OpenStack certainly generates a lot of noise and buzz -- especially this week, as potential competition from Citrix CloudStack gained attention.

OpenStack: Money Matters

But I'm constantly trying to connect the dots between OpenStack and cloud revenue opportunities.

  • For cloud services providers, will OpenStack allow cloud deployments that deliver rapid ROI?

  • For cloud consulting firms, will OpenStack provide opportunities to educate and migrate customers to the open source platform?

  • For cloud integrators, will OpenStack allow SaaS applications to more easily tie into one another?

I'm curious to know the Mirantis view on each one of those questions. And Talkin' Cloud will be sure to pursue the answers at the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference.
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