OnApp, Bacula4Hosts Add Backup and Recovery to OnApp Cloud Platform

OnApp, Bacula4Hosts Add Backup and Recovery to OnApp Cloud Platform

OnApp partnered with Bacula4Hosts to add the latter's backup and recovery system to the OnApp Cloud platform. The new feature will add incremental backup and self-service recovery to the cloud platform.

OnApp is looking to beef up the capabilities of its OnApp Cloud platform. Through a new partnership with Bacula4Hosts, OnApp is adding Bacula4Hosts' backup and recovery system to its cloud platform, adding an incremental backup and self-service restore feature to the platform.

According to OnApp, the new feature will back up data as it changes and enable customers to restore specific files and databases, as well as entire virtual machines. A full integration is being built of Bacula4Hosts, developed by Cartika, into the OnApp Cloud platform, and the new features are designed to complement the platform's existing backup and restore capabilities with "near continuous" data protection.

"Bacula4Hosts gives our customers another way to improve their cloud service with incremental backup and restore," said Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp, in a prepared statement.

Of course, OnApp isn't new to the cloud storage realm. Outside of it offering its own backup and restore capabilitise in OnApp Cloud, it also launched a cloud-based storage platform last year at the WHD.global 2012 exhibition in Germany. Through OnApp Storage, the company offers "offers the performance and resilience of high-end SAN products using off-the-shelf disks and server hardware."

Bacula4Hosts was developed over three years by Cartika and is based on Bacula, the open source network backup software. It launched in July 2012 and was built using a combination of Bacula Open Source Code, Bacula Systems Enterprise Modules and Bacula4Hosts Enterprise Modules.

"The integration we're building now will make OnApp Cloud the first major virtualization platform with incremental backup through Bacula4Hosts. That's great news for OnApp Cloud providers, who'll be able to offer much more flexible and granular backup options to their customers through the OnApp control panel or API," said Andrew Rouchotas, CEO of Bacula4Hosts, in a prepared statement.

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