NuoDB Launches Elastically Scalable Cloud Data Management System Photo by Stuart Caie. Licensed under Creative Commons.

NuoDB Launches Elastically Scalable Cloud Data Management System

NuoDB is attempting to take cloud databases to the next level by pulling good efficiency and speed out of commodity hardware.

Startup NuoDB is hoping to change the change the rules for databases and one-up its competitors with the launch of its elastically scalable Cloud Data Management System (CDMS).

That’s some tough talk from a startup company launched only a couple of years ago, but the company claims to have put the product to the test and is ready to take on all comers. According to NuoDB, it had an “intense” beta testing cycle with more than 3,500 customers that is pushing the boundaries of what cloud databases have so far been able to do.

“Our Cloud Data Management System is a game changer. We are challenging the industry to offer comparable elastic scaling, over 1 million transactions per second performance on just $50,000 worth of commodity hardware as published in our latest benchmark report, as well as the many other cloud-friendly features found in our NuoDB Starlings release,” said Barry Morris, co-founder and CEO of NuoDB, in a prepared statement.

Phrases such as “game changer” typically provoke my skepticism, and aside from a benchmark report and several customer testimonials, NuoDB has yet to prove itself with CDMS. Of course, it’s new to the market, so it’s only fair to give it some time to see what the startup can do and what value it can bring to customers and partners.

"NuoDB is launching a revolution in the database world by leveraging commodity storage. For the first time, an application's storage requirements can be satisfied using a pool of shared resources, operating in a fully elastic way, as the nature of cloud computing requires," said Richard Cooley, managing partner at NorthPoint, in a prepared statement. NorthPoint is one of NuoDB’s early customers. NorthPoint builds large-scale digital platforms for a variety of different organizations.

Talkin’ Cloud will keep an eye on NuoDB as it progresses in the market and continues to develop its products to see if it lives up to the hype.

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