New IBM Cloud Services to Bring Social Transformation Photo by Patrick H of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

New IBM Cloud Services to Bring Social Transformation

IBM launched new cloud services designed to help business leaders transform their organizations with the adoption of social business technology.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has unveiled new cloud services aimed at helping business leaders and senior management transform their organizations using social business technology. Big Blue has been making inroads into the cloud services market, but this time the company is playing toward the Big Data and social media trends.

According to Big Blue, new social software being launched will provide businesses with the ability to "gain deeper insights into Big Data generated through the use of social networks." That's a lot of data, of course, and businesses are continuously struggling with how to best manage and mine that data for market information and for setting their own strategies.

Included in the IBM announcement are:

  • A web-based social networking environment that provides human resources professionals with a different way to recruit and onboard new employees. At the same time, the HR app provides employees with access to digital media and data in real time, enabling faster decision-making. The app came about thanks to IBM's December 2012 $1.3 billion acquisition of Kenexa.
  • Software to help marketing teams design advertising campaigns and quickly publish them to social networks. The goal is to provide a more consistent customer experience through every online channel.
  • The next release of IBM's social networking platform will further enable users to access and analyze big data both inside and outside the organization, including using Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), Twitter, audio and video.
  • IBM plans to release the next version of IBM Connections, its social email client that incorporates file-sharing, activity streams and a simplified user interface. Currently in beta, IBM Connections 4.5 will be available in March 2013. At the same time, IBM will ship IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition 9, the first major release of the two applications in five years.

"Social business has transitioned from being an emerging idea to a fundamental platform that clients everywhere are using to change the way they empower their employees and engage their customers," said Alistair Rennie, general manager of social business at IBM, in a prepared statement.

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