Mural MaaX Platform Accelerates Cloud Implementations

Mural MaaX Platform Accelerates Cloud Implementations

Mural has launched Platform MaaX, an onboarding and post-sales support platform for SMBs designed to accelerate cloud implementation and improve customer satisfaction.

Mural, a provider of customer onboarding for cloud and IT managed services, has released Platform MaaX, an onboarding and post-sales support platform for SMBs. The platform aims to accelerate cloud implementation and improve customer satisfaction overall.

Available as a private-label or Mural-branded managed service, Platform MaaX can be licensed by the company's partners and customers, and includes the use of all tools, methods, data analytics and content. Mural brought its new offering to HostingCon and showed it off to the exhibitors and attendees at the conference.

According to Mural, Platform MaaX accelerates the path to revenue for service providers and ensures users are able to maximize the benefits of their cloud services. That's the goal, anyway. Mural noted in its announcement its cloud service increases activation rates by 233 percent and lowers customer churn by 70 percent. Over what? Mural wasn't exactly specific.

The company noted that Platform MaaX supports a growing number of mission-critical SaaS services.

"Adopting new technology can be time-consuming and intimidating to small and medium-sized businesses, leading to low activation, underutilized services and high turnover," said Steve Zimba, president of Mural, in a prepared statement. "We're hearing from our partners and customers that it's very difficult to make the move to the cloud. We have built Platform MaaX to address this exact challenge."

For cloud service providers, Platform MaaX is intended to accelerate time to revenue using several different features, including:

  • A simple activation scheduler, comprehensive workforce management, rapid onboarding and data migration applications, multi-mode communications, workflow management, script development and customer interaction tracking.

  • Cloud service-specific onboarding processes and workflows, expert hiring profiles, and an "industry-first Customer Experience 360 training and certification program."

  • Adaptable data model for building cloud-centric customer profiles, cloud service-specific data-gathering APIs, combined with in-depth dashboards and reporting capabilities.

  • Detailed user-centric knowledgebase, third-party content gathering and rebranding and comprehensive sales and marketing collateral.

Platform MaaX was also designed to support IaaS services, including virtual servers and cloud storage from a variety of strategic partners.

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