Modular DPS Partner Program Launches In North American Channel

Modular Data Protection Services (DPS), a Canadian cloud services aggregator based in Mississauga, Ontario, this week hosted a webinar with its alliance partners to announce the launch of its 360º Partner Program in North America.

Modular’s business model is to bring new opportunities to the MSP and IT service provider marketplace, in the case of the 360º Partner Program the cloud data protection services. In their words, “we make things fit better together so that the service offerings we create drive high value business outcomes for our channel and alliance partners," the company stated. Modular DPS does not sell directly to the enterprise market and therefore does not compete with its partners.

Additionally, the company uses the term ‘modular’ because “we enable other professional services organizations to successfully plug one or more of our data protection services capabilities.”

Modular’s 360º Partner Program brings together an attention-getting alliance of cloud services firms:

It is billed as an inclusive “business in a box” program for IT service providers planning to enter the cloud data protection services market, and is also for firms looking to enhance their own branded and provider-managed services.

In the cloud services delivery model, Modular DPS contends that data protection is a major business need due to the immense growth in corporate data, enhanced requirements for compliance and corporate governance, and demand for business continuity services. Interest in data protection services is growing, they argue, because it is a “logical and tactical” entry point for IT service providers seeking to establish cloud-based solutions with SMB/SME customers.

The 360º Partner Program approach, says Modular DPS, addresses “major entry barriers,” such as, “business and service plan development, infrastructure, sales and marketing process and tools, and financial services,” thus differentiating it from competitive programs.

Modular’s services can be either a one-time engagement or paid for on an ongoing basis.

For more information on the 360º Partner Program, visit the Modular DPS website.
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