Message Bus Leans on Joyent Cloud for Scalability, Performance

Message Bus Leans on Joyent Cloud for Scalability, Performance

Message Bus is leveraging Joyent's high-performance cloud infrastructure to increase the performance and scalability of its email, mobile and social messaging cloud services.

Message Bus is looking to increase the performance and scalability of its cloud-based email, mobile and social messaging services. To do so, it has partnered with Joyent to use the company's high-performance cloud infrastructure. According to Message Bus, the partnership will ensure low latency and high scalability for the Message Bus Global Delivery Network.

With billions of messages going out into the cyber-ether every month, enterprise messaging is a huge market, but it's one that requires fast, reliable and high-capacity systems, said Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO of Joyent, in a prepared statement. Joyent's cloud was designed to provide high performance, dynamic bursting and infinite scalability in an elastic environment.

Naturally, message delivery is of critical importance to businesses of all sizes. Nobody likes to be kept waiting for a message. In some cases, a delayed message could mean the difference between signing a deal or not -- or making a customer happy or losing that customer forever.

According to Message Bus, it is already seeing significant differences in its performance and scalability after partnering with Joyent.

"Our code runs four times faster on Joyent's cloud than on any other provider. Rather than forcing us to comply with a dedicated set of hardware components, Joyent lets us use exactly what we need in an elastic environment where we can shift workloads to meet capacity," said Ken Cheney, president of Message Bus, in a prepared statement.

One of the big criticisms the naysayers still have about cloud computing of any sort is unacceptable latency and performance. When compared to running on-premise IT, there is still much concern about whether cloud can truly replace business-critical and mission-critical applications because of performance issues. Making strides to improve performance and decrease latency could help to alleviate customer concerns and push more critical applications into the cloud.

Message Bus recently launched a cloud-based email reporting service that provides customers and cloud service providers with email monitoring to ensure corporate email is not being abused or misused.

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