LiveHive Sales Engagement Platform Enables Lead Generation

LiveHive Sales Engagement Platform Enables Lead Generation

LiveHive is launching a cloud-based sales engagement platform that those in the channel could make use of to get more visibility and analytics-driven insights into their business decisions.

The latest offering to be released by LiveHive may not specifically be a revenue earner for the channel, but using it as a customer could result in a stronger salesforce and more customer engagements. The new sales enablement platform from the company was developed to take advantage of a visible, analytics-driven approach to social selling across the vendor-to-partner-to-customer ecosystem.

Using analytics software, LiveHive claims to be able to identify sales engagement patterns of partners, prospects and customers, including those on social networks, such as LinkedIn and Google+ (two specifically identified in the announcement). With the LiveHive offering, the company is aiming to help sales organizations gain accurate and real-time visibility into sales activity to better manage partner and sales rep performance.

That definitely sounds like something vendors and suppliers could use, no matter their industry, but why not partners, as well, for monitoring their own engagements between their sales reps and prospects and customers?

LiveHive listed a few key benefits sales managers gain from using the software:

  • Knowing which sales and marketing materials are working to advance a sale.
  • Discovering who engaged, how often and from where, including on and from social networks.
  • Detailing where and when partners and sales reps are engaging geographically.

LiveHive designed its platform to offer a single destination for updating, accessing, sharing and analyzing business materials for channel partners and sales reps.

"About 50 percent of a salesperson's time is spent on non-selling activities, while well over half of sales leaders aren't confident in the visibility they have into their own sales process," said Ramon Nunez, CEO of LiveHive, in a prepared statement. "By streamlining and tracking sales activity, we are able to illuminate these blind spots and show vendors what they can do to drive higher partner and sales rep performance."

LiveHive is available for a 30-day free trial. There are three paid plans, priced based on the number of workspaces—$35 per month for 10 workspaces, $125 per month for 50 workspaces and $195 per month for 100 workspaces.

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